Art Deco Lamps: Table, Desk and Torchiere

Creative arts have dramatically evolved since World Wars I and II. Most enduring art deco styles that have existed during this era have paved the way to elegance and futuristic styling. This particular style is usually blended with decorating schemes to add a touch of modernity in different settings. The presence of Art Deco lamps can make a room more inviting and appealing.

The exhibits on Art Deco have wide varieties of influences such as futurist, arts and crafts and art noveue. Thus, Art Deco lamps are not exempted at all. These lamps have different shapes such as “elegant lady” and “raygun gothic.” Raygun gothic is the contemporary terms denoting a futuristic styling of the 30s and even 40s. The art deco lamps are usually composed of chrome and have a sense of science fiction appearance in them. Elegant lady refers to common practices of creating lamps in a shape of elegantly and dramatically poised woman.

In most cases, there are also art deco conventions used such as modernist design, ethnic elements, use of newest materials such as plastics and aluminum, and bold contrasting colors. In the past years, there are different types of light designed such as table lamps, torchiere lamps and desk lamps. These forms make use of electricity corresponding to the introduction of current.

If you want to buy any vintage art deco lamps, it is advisable that you check them first before using. If the art deco lamps are not yet rewired, it may pose a risk of fire. You have to ensure that you are dealing with the correct approach before you finally come up with that lamp.

Art deco lamps have never gone out of their style. They still remain as one of the most favorite lamps that are being used in this modern world.