Small Lamps: Various Designs and Functions

Small lamps are used in different areas of the house and for different purposes. There are different types of lamps that are being sold in the market and in online shops. Before you buy a particular lamp, you need to shop around and check other shops for more products. This is done to ensure that you will get the most appropriate small lamp for you.

A lamp emits light once the electric current passed through them. There are smaller lamps that have thin wire filament that gets hot and glows brightly if it passed through it. This filament is composed of metal that has high melting point like tungsten. It is typically wounded to small coil.

There are usually 2 circuit symbols for the small lamp. One is to provide illumination and the other is to serve as an indicator. Small lamps like torch bulbs may be used for both purposes. Thus, these circuit symbols can be utilized for simple educational circuits.

There are different types of lamp and each of them is used for various purposes. The Miniature Edison Screw is the standard small lamp. The lens ended version produces a focused light beam. It is bigger than LES or Lilliput Edison Screw. Pre-focus lamps are used in lanterns and torches. Since lamp holders are not available, this is not suitable for many projects.

Small lamps are usually placed in the bedside table for minimal light while sleeping. Others use it as a study lamp in their room. Depending on the type of lamp used, there are different ways that you can do even with a limited amount of light received.

Torch lamp passes great amount of current while it reduces the batter output voltage. Other voltage is utilized inside the battery and drive large current to the battery’s small resistance. As a result, the present voltage rating for this type of lamp is lower than the battery normal voltage that lights it.

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